In this guide we are going to install OS X 10.6.2 retail into a regular PC.
This was tested on a P5K motherboard but there are several reports of working with other motherboards as well. First you must purchase a copy of OS X 10.6. For this guide you DO NOT need a Mac to prepare the boot CD, it can be done from Windows, Linux or Mac.

ISO image to create your boot CD
Extension files (drivers)
Kext Helper b7

1. On a PC or a Mac, burn the downloaded ISO image on a CD
2. Keep your new CD in the drive and reboot your PC
3. At BIOS prompt change your boot priority to CD
4. You will see the boot screen, select the CD icon and press enter
5. Your boot CD will be eject automatically, if not a message will pop up asking you to eject it
6. Insert your purchased OS X disk and the install process will begin
7. Select you language and various options
8. If you see your disk, select it and install then proceed with step 9, if you do not go to step 8a
8a. Clik on Utilities and Disk Utilities. This will show your disks, select the one your want to use and format as 1 partition GUID table and Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
8b. Close Disk Utility and the install should have your disk avaialble
8c. Select the newly formatted disk and install
9. You machine will reboot automatically.

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